What? 12 Years Old Called The Police Because Parent Served Salad In Dinner


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Police in Nova Scotia revealed they received a 911 emergency call on Tuesday night, a 12 years old child called 911 to express their hate about salad. The child complained against the parent for serving salads in dinner. Moreover, Police got called twice, the second time to ask when they are arriving.

The 911 number is for people who are in an emergency and needs an instant help such as in case of fire and so on. But that child did a bizarre but unnecessary thing. So, police official advises parents to teach their children about proper use of 911 number.

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There is one another case also when women called 911 while sitting in a restaurant. She complained that her pizza is not served on time. That 31-year old woman was taught a lesson by police about the proper use of 911 number. I think people should understand that the 911 number is for emergency not for pizza and dinner.

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