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128 Year Old Man In Argentina Claims He Is Adolf Hitler




In a shocking controversy, a 128-year-old man in Argentina has claimed that he is Adolf Hitler and spent the last 70 years in hiding. In an interview with the ultra-conservative newspaper El Patriota as per reported by Underground Science, he said that he arrived in Germany in 1945 with a fake passport identifying him Herman Guntherberg.

He said: “I’ve been blamed for a lot of crimes I’ve never committed. Because of that, I’ve had to spend more than half of my life hiding from Jews, so I’ve had my punishment already.”

He is also working on his autobiography in order the restore his public image. “I’ve been depicted as a bad guy only because we lost the war. When people read my side of the story, it will change the way the perceive me.”

According to his wife, Angela Martinez, he is suffering from dementia and he is not Adolf Hitler. “Sometimes, he would forget who I was and where he was. He looked like he was in trance, and he would start talking about Jews and demons. Then he’d come back to normal.”

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