How dearly we wished to have those straight shiny long hair like those of Rachel Green but instead got these crazy locks like those of Mia from Princess Diaries. Although, people keep telling you how much they envy for those massive thick curls but they clearly don’t know the struggles we curly haired girls have to face.


1. You can never go along with Humidity well.


2. You are often jealous of your friends who have straight hair and the beautiful curls they get using a curling iron.



3. People around you always want to touch your hair and even though they are clear at intentions yet you can’t help but say, “Don’t Touch my hair!”


4. No matter how badly you want, but you can’t get bangs because they just won’t look good curled up at your head.



5.  People always love your straightened hair and when you get their ‘ooh’ and ‘aahh’ you can’t help but wonder if your natual hair look that bad.


6. You can never win from the beast because whenever you straighten your hair, it always rains. As soon as any water or dampness hits your hair starts to curl.


7. Curly hair looks good only for two days and just when it gets definition and equilibrium its time for the wash again!


8. You have to follow a strict schedule for the day when you wash your hair and these days are planned to allow maximum amount for drying and styling your hair.



9. And after your glorious headbath you are always taken back by the amount of hair clogging your drain.

10. You can’t even think of not drying your hair with a diffuser attached to your dryer.


11. Sometimes you just accidentally fall asleep with wet hair and you wake up to a disastrous result.


12. Finding a stylist who knows how to cut curly hair or an anti-frizz product is mission impossible.


13. Once you find yourself an appropriate hair tool or product you use it for lifetime no matter what.