Suhana Khan Shares A Cryptic Post On ‘Misogyny’ Amid B town Drug Nexus

Checkout Sharukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan's cryptic post that comes amid B town drug nexus.
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14 Steps To A Million Dollar Look with Pagalparrot

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Having a stunning million dollar look especially for a date or a dinner with friends but without actually spending a real deal of big money is almost every girl’s dream Isn’t it?. Well now This certainly can happen! 14 Simple steps to a classy million dollar look that every girl can and must follow for making a perfect style statement!

1. Start With The Right Bra


Before you move on to your outer clothing, innerwear is extremely essential. A right fit and ‘supportive’ bra will not only make you look attractive but will also add the fine definition to your outfit. Make sure to match the color scheme of your inner and outerwears for the no show policy!

2. The Right Size


Wearing the right sized clothing will only give an attractive and a sharper look. Any normal peice of clothing if worn in the right size can give the classy and chic look of designer wear but that never happens automatically so leave that couch and go to the tailor for a perfect fit dress or any piece of clothing for that matter.

3. All about shoes


Buying good shoes is never enough you have to maintain them as well. So prefer buying patent leather if you don’t want to spend too much time cleaning them as they are pretty-low maintenance. But as patent leather can scuff easily so make sure to wipe them after everytime you wear them.

4. Loop Or no Loop?


Its as easy as it can be actually. Simply wear a belt if you’re wearing a jeans or trouser with loops and if you just dont want to wear a belt then make sure to get rid of those loops coz empty loops never go with style.

5. ‘Iron’ deficient clothes are a No No!


Always try to take 5 mins to iron your clothes before you put them on. It is one of the most simplest ways to make your outfit look expensive as creases are always a downer. Even a normal white shirt looks super-sexy when ironed crisp!

6. ‘MakeUp’ your mind


Makeup is something that can make a huge difference in your overall look and even in how people percieve you. Makeup gives the best finishing to your ensemble so whenever you go out a little touch of Lipstick and mascara or smudged kohl will always help you to stand out of the lot.

7. Hair care


You can always define your look as ‘expensive’ by having the best handled hair. For that you just can’t wait for a good hair day now can you? Investing in good hair styling tools and products is essential.

8. Essential Investments


Somethings are meant to be splurged on and essentially spent on and so you can always put your money in things which can get you maximum worth. A simple jacket can go with multiple outfits. Buy simple, colored and plain jackets to add an extra spunk to your outfits.

9. Bags without clangs


The less metal on your bag the better and expensively classy it looks. Even a budget buy bag can look better than any expensive bag loaded with metallic and chains and buckles and stuff which start to discolor pretty soon making the whole thing look shabby.

10. Fabric Brigade


Know what fabrics suit your body structure and skin. While you can look skinnier in some fabrics others can also make you look plumpier so to avoid looking more than your really are choose your fabrics with care. Opt for stuff like cotton, linen and even silk but preferably in winters or air conditioners.

11. Fall on Black


If you can’t make up your mind in deciding what you wear then you can always put your faith in the color. Black will never make you look bad or anything close to fat. It only knows ‘Sexy.’

12. Sunnies side up


A cute or hot pair of sunnies can add the jingles to your monotony. Make sure to select the sunnies that suit your face shape and those that make you look smarter than you already are.

13. Find Time To Accessorize


Before you head out the door for any event make sure that you have found time to accessorize your look. A nice scarf or pair of stud earings or an oversized watch can do the magic!

14. Awesomeness Lies In You


The only thing in the end that can bring you down is yourself. At the end of the day you just need to know that you are beautiful not for the world but for yourself! Be confident and add glamour and style to the world!

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