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High Life 15 Super Crazy Japanese Inventions You Really Couldn't Imagine

15 Super Crazy Japanese Inventions You Really Couldn’t Imagine

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Japan as well know is leading in technology and innovations and know we have a legitimate answer to believe so.

Japanese People are simple ingenuous when it comes to inventing things but some these inventions are so damn crazy that we promise you won’t stop laughing.

Things that are amazing but at the same time are even pointless. You wish these were invented by Indians to make your life easier.

1. The cleaning shoes


When you just got an expensive manicure.

2. The Lipstick applier


When you’re too lazy to wipe off the extra lipstick that went out of way.

3. Headband overalls


When them damned hair keeping blowing into your food.

4. Sleeping Stand Or Err…Standing Sleep? God Knows!


For a standing power nap!

5. The Lap Pillow


What’s the fuss about sleeping in a lap anyway? :/

6. Finger Toothbrush


when you forget to pack an actual toothbrush but you remember to pack finger toothbrush cap because its way more exciting isn’t it? (Sarcasm intended)

7. Nail-paint dryer


This is definitely the most useful of the lot! Drying your nail-paint an be a pain in the ass. Ask us girls!

8. Extendable bug terminator chappal


Wow! Who could’ve thought of this! We really need some of these!

9. The Tissue-roll hat


Because sometimes it can be too late to ask for a tissue…

10. Goggles With Fans For cutting onions!


When you can’t afford a chopper instead!

11. Breast Feeding bottles


Who says Dads can’t breast feed their babies? Not anymore!

12. Specially Extendable Hoodie


Watching porn in public and at home with mom around was never soo easy!

13. Pop-Sticks


When you just can’t get eating chop sticks right!

14. Book Pillow


Them students who get sleep only on books cause it feels soo amazing! zzzz…zzz..

15. Last but umm defintely not the least..


Surely looks like JUST a banana case! Don’t it?


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