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Entertainment 15 Unknown Facts About The Miss Worlds From Our Country

15 Unknown Facts About The Miss Worlds From Our Country

One of the oldest beauty pageants of the history, Miss World is a competition which is an eye grabber and gets full media attention and coverage. Many Indian beauties have truefully claimed their name to the Miss World title. Popular as they already are let’s have a look at some of the lesser known facts about the dazzling Indian divas.

1. Reita Faria Powell (born c. 1945) was the first Indian to have claimed the name and fame of being Miss World in the year 1966.


2. The Government of India did not appreciate Faria joining the legendary American entertainer Bob Hope to South Vietnam as part of the cheering up the brigade to South Vietnam and met the American soldiers at a time when New Delhi was supporting Ho Chi Minh’s Communist government in North Vietnam.


3. Reita Faria is the only beauty queen so far who had qualified as a doctor. Therefore, she is more famous for her brains rather than the beauty. She now lives in Dublin with her husband.


4. In Miss India contest 1994, Aishwarya claimed the second position beside Sushmita Sen. Reportedly many girls dropped out of the competition because they felt that Aishwarya was way too beautiful and they stood no chance of winning, competing against her.


5. Aishwarya Rai won the Miss World title the same year she won the Miss Photogenic title.


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