16 Little Girls Aged 4 and 5 Inhumanly Punished by a School in Delhi For Non-payment of Fees

In a horrific incident, the Delhi police have registered a case against a private school in central Delhi’s Hauz Qazi. Some parents alleged that 16 girls, aged 4 and 5, were confined to the “basement” of the school on Monday for “non-payment” of monthly fees. The parents of these little girls alleged that the children were locked in the basement without food and water for nearly five hours.

The principal of the school said that:

“The basement is not a punishment place; it is an activity room where children play and learn music. It is a kind of classroom.”

The police registered a case under Indian Penal Code Section 342 (wrongful confinement) and Juvenile Justice Act section 75 (cruelty to child). The police officials said that:

“We have sent a notice to the school principal. We will also record the statements of all concerned parents.”

One of the parents of the children said:

“When we arrived to pick our children, the teachers told us that they had been locked up in the basement as we hadn’t paid their fees for June. However, we had paid advance fees up to September.”

Many parents showed fee receipts which they claimed the fee was already paid. Then why the management acted so inhumanly with the innocent children who don’t even know the difference between wrong and right! Will get the answers only after the police investigation.

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