News Insane! 18 Years Old Boy Commits Suicide And You Won't Believe The Reason...

Insane! 18 Years Old Boy Commits Suicide And You Won’t Believe The Reason is an IPL Match

This is insane! In a shocking incident, a teenage boy committed suicide only because his mother didn’t allow him to watch IPL match. IPL is the most famous celebrity oriented tournament that attracts everyone. Fans across the globe are crazy after it.

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There is no denying the fact that the league has attracted many viewers across the globe. Fans of IPL are going crazy to support their favorite team in IPL.Some people decided to enjoy the match live in the stadium while some decided to see the match at home only. However, a young 18-year-old boy from Maharashtra committed suicide, as his mother prevented him from watching an IPL game.

According to the reports, a boy hanged himself using his mother’s dupatta after she denied him to watch the match. It all happened due to the argument happened between the mother and the boy. As his mother asked him to check the water tank outside but he refused to do so. Therefore, his mother switched off the TV.

Nilesh Gupta, the deceased then locked himself inside a room and hanged himself. His mother found something unusual when she was denied any response even when she called him various times. As a result, she raised the alarm and with the help of neighbors, the door of the room could be open and they found him hanging by a cloth. Later, the boy was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead.

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