See How A 2 Year Old Boy Miraculously Saved His Twin Brother

2 year boy saves his brother

A nanny cam captured a two year old baby boy saving his twin brother by pushing a fallen dresser off him in Utah.

The video shows the two toddlers playing in the room climbing on open drawers of a dresser and suddenly the dresser falls of him leaving one of the kid below it. The boy can be seen struggling and crying for help before his brother is able to push the dresser off him.

The boys’ mother, Kayli Shoff, told KUTV-TV that she didn’t hear the dresser falling and only saw what happened after watching the video.

The boys’ father posted a link to the video on Facebook on Sunday writing that his son was Ok and how it is very important to secure dressers to the wall.

Well everyone is happy that the kid is safe and hopefully he will be very thankful to his twin brother when he watch the video in future, understanding how his brother heroically saved him from harm.

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