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News 2 Years Of Modi Sarkar But Still 50% Of The Promises are...

2 Years Of Modi Sarkar But Still 50% Of The Promises are Unkept

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Where Modi is celebrating the completion of two years of his terms in office and is spending 1,000 crore rupees on the ads boasting the Modi Sarkar’s achievements there is also a long list of statistics stating that not even 2/3rd  of the ministers of Lok Sabha have fulfilled their promises.

The Real Number of Unkept Promises Is Even More Than 50%

Indian parliament

Moreover, according to IndiaSpend, 80% of previously assured promises were unkept, fortunately, that number has decreased in the year 2016 but only by 12 percent.

Unfortunately, the government is really forgetting one big thing that the validity of a promise never expires.

The government is daily forced to face around 250 political questions during a Parliamentary session and while replying those questions or discussing a bill, ministers do give assurances and promises to solve an issue but who knew that whether those promises are ever gonna get fulfilled or not?

Indian Parliament

Sometimes the ministers and secretaries even guarantee that their assurances will be completely implemented in the short period of one month but that time increases to years and that assurance passes on to the next government.

This is what the stats say about Modi Sarkar:

1. 8 ministers still haven’t acted on the 80% of the assurances made by them to the Indian Parliament.

 Indian Parliament

2. Only 3 ministers have implemented more than 75% of the assurances made by them to the Indian Parliament.

3. The Prime Minister’s office assured that it would release the reports of the performance of all the ministers of the office who were the part of the Indian parliament. from the year 2013-2014 to 2016 but surprisingly, even this promise is also still pending.

But why only the Lok Sabha should take the blame? Even the Ministers of Social Justice and Empowerment, Road Transport, Minority Affairs and Highways are also not lagging behind with 83%, 75%, and 82% promises still unkept.

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