News 2 Years Old Fatehveer From Punjab is Still Stuck in 150-foot-deep Borewell...

2 Years Old Fatehveer From Punjab is Still Stuck in 150-foot-deep Borewell Even After 84 Hours

When we were enjoying our weekend at home or outside with friends and family 2 years old Fatehveer was struggling for life. In Punjab’s Sunam, Sangrur district, a 2 years old toddler Fatehveer fell down in a 150-foot-deep uncovered borewell while he was playing nearby the place. His parents were also there but minutes of carelessness made their child suffer a horrific incident.

Even after 84 hours and still counting, the child is stuck in the borewell. The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and Sangrur administration have failed to rescue a toddler. His family, who were awaiting a miracle a day before his birthday, are fast losing hope. The boy turns two on Monday.

To retrieve the boy, a parallel borewell has been dug. However, as rescuers were close to reaching the child, they were facing some technical issues. Having reached a depth of 120 feet, they have to dig horizontally for about two to three feet, where the boy is suspected to be stuck. The operation is still in process and everyone is praying for Fatehveer’s survival.

In 2006, a 5 years old child Prince made national headlines when he had fallen into a borewell in a village in Kurukshetra. He was pulled out safely nearly 48 hours later after a massive operation was launched.

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