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2 Years Old Fatehveer Pulled Out of Borewell After 5 Days And Declared Dead

In Punjab’s Sunam, Sangrur district, a 2 years old toddler Fatehveer fell down in a 150-foot-deep uncovered borewell while he was playing nearby the place. His parents were also there but minutes of carelessness made their child suffer a horrific incident.

After a long and strenuous rescue operation of 109 hours i.e almost 5 days, the infant got pulled by the NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) team at 5 a.m. Fatehveer’s body got swollen and he was immediately taken to the Chandigarh’s PGI hospital. In the hospital, within a few minutes of his treatment, the team of doctors declared the little child dead. With his hands clamped with a rope, Fatehveer Singh was brought out after the operation to rescue him through a parallel tunnel dug up closeby failed.

He was declared dead two hours later after he got rescued. His family is in shock. A day before his death, it was his 2nd birthday. On Monday, NDRF rescue personnel made several attempts to reach the child but were unsuccessful due to the presence of two to three parallel bores close-by.

Maybe the government is responsible for the death of Fatehveer as it took 5 days to rescue him. However, his family is also responsible as he died by falling into the unused borewell in his father’s field near their house at around 4.00 pm Thursday. This borewell was dug by Fatehveer’s family in the year 1984. This borewell was used to draw water for irrigation but it was last used in 1991. Since then, the opening of the borewell was covered with a jute bag (how irresponsible) and the innocent Fatehveer accidentally stepped on it. His mother tried to rescue him but failed.

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