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Trending 20 Essential Pointers For Perfect Styling That Every Girl Must Follow!

20 Essential Pointers For Perfect Styling That Every Girl Must Follow!

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It is very essential to have a perfectly styled look as fashion is not just putting on new ‘trending’ clothes, picked out of a fashion magazine or from a movie. So, we have some basic style pointers and check points to make your life easier when it comes to being fashionista girl!

1.  Balance Out Your Look

Team loose clothes with tight or body-fit pieces. If you are skinny, pair oversized sweaters or tops with fitted leggings for a chic look. Fitted peplum tops look great with knee-length skirts on curvier women.

2. Check White Clothes against Light

White clothes look more see-through in daylight. Before buying anything white, make sure to check yourself out in bright light to avoid embarrassment.

3. Accessorize Right


Invest in and wear trendy accessories, scarves, headbands, statement neckpieces, etc., to instantly transform your look from day- to night-appropriate.

4.Invest in Good Lingerie

Investing in the right – and perfectly fitting – lingerie is key for looking good. Be sure to buy nude, seamless lingerie to wear beneath your body-hugging outfits.

5.Get Closet Basics

Always invest in closet basics like a white shirt, a little black dress, blue denims, tan pants. These can rescue you in case of any fashion crisis, or when you feel indecisive about what to wear.

6. You Must Own a LBD


A little black dress is a must-have in your wardrobe as, with the right accessories and footwear, it can be styled in for any occasion in any season.

7.Wash Your New Jeans

Wash your new jeans at least twice before taking them for any alterations. Denims tend to shrink when washed.

8.Choose Patterns and Prints According to Your Body Type

If you are on a slimmer side, try patterns, and bold prints to add curves to your look. To have a slimming effect, go for solids in basic colors like black, burgundy, and brown.

9. Rest Clothes After Ironing

Do not put on a garment immediately after ironing it as it may cause new wrinkles to form! You should always let an outfit set for 4-5 minutes after ironing it.

10.Safety Pins Save You


Always carry a bunch of safety pins in different colours to save yourself in case of a wardrobe malfunction, or even broken shoe straps!

11.Get a Watch

While everyone uses a mobile phone to check the time, a classic watch serves as a trendy accessory, and is a fabulous way to up your style game at both work and play.

12.Blazers Are Cool


Blazers are not only restricted to office-wear. Invest in blazers in colours like red, blue and black to instantly glam up your outfit and add a smart edge.

13. Renew Your Lingerie

Replace your daily bras every 2-3 months. Yes, just like your favourite cotton tee, even bras lose shape over time. So make sure you buy new ones every few months.

14.Get Rid of Unused Clothes

If you haven’t worn an outfit in a year or more, we’re pretty sure you can live without wearing it ever again. Consider donating it to someone, and clear out your wardrobe.

15. The Holy Bag Trinity

A tote bag, a structured satchel and a cross-body bag are 3 bags every woman must have in her wardrobe, fit for any situation and occasion.

16.Pump It Up


Want to make your bare legs look longer in that new mini dress you bought? Wear nude pumps that will give an illusion of longer legs, adding inches to your frame!

17. Wipes to the Rescue

You should always keep a pack of baby wipes handy to instantly remove those deodorant marks from your favourite outfit.

18. Stop the Impulse Buys

When you are on the verge of making an impulse purchase, try to think of at least 3 items that you own that can be worn with it.

19.Magazines Should Not Dictate Your Look

Something that looks great on your favourite celebrity or that model in the magazine may or may not work for your body type. Therefore, make sure you try on a new style in the store before you make a purchase.

20. Perfect Exposure ;)


Exposing too much rarely looks good. The key to look chic, while showing some skin, is covering up on top when you plan to wear a mini skirt. And If you are planning to wear a crop top or something skimpy up top, pair it with well-fitted jeggings!

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