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Trending 20 Things Only Girls Who Grew Up With A Brother Can Relate...

20 Things Only Girls Who Grew Up With A Brother Can Relate To

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Most of the time he drives you crazy and nuts and atleast once in your life you thought that he was a devil sent to trouble you but then again he’s your favorite, always siding with you and at the end of the day you love each other dearly and truly.

So here’s 20 amazingly bang on things that only girls who grew up with brothers can relate to:

1. A younger brother is automatically the favourite

To all others he is funny adorable and cute but to you he is a crazy devil. bro-sis-7

2. The fight for the bathroom is an endless struggle.

This we all know and happens with every sibling almost everyday and if it’s not a holiday then you can say goodbye to bath before school.

3. They were always hovering around when your friends came over to your place  and you on the other hand have to put up with his weird friends.
bro-sis-104. They take an instant dislike to your first boyfriend and embarrass you in front of your cousins later on.

5. Nobody can dare pick on your younger brother because you will unleash the wrath of hell.

6. Younger brothers are most annoying when parents leave you both  at home and you have to babysit them.bro-sis-13

7. You have watched the whole Harry Potter series perhaps a million times but you can still watch it over and over again with your brother.   bro-sis-8

8. You say out the dialogues of your favorite movie together in harmony and he never lets you win at it.

9. They would always have your back when you were in trouble.

10. They laid claim to your computer games and its not a fight over the TV remote control, its a WAR!  bro-sis-9

11. He uses all of your favorite shampoo and shower gel and applies your zit cream too.

12. You dressed him up in your mum’s clothing when he was too young to understand
13. They thought it was their job to embarrass you.
14. Your mum always took his side in an argument.

brother and sister fighting
15.  If you’re trying to study, he’s blasting his music.

16. He ony invites his hot friends over when you are binge-watching TV in your sweats with zit cream all over your face.

17. His sweatshirts are so much more comfy than yours.

18. You always felt so much more suave and sophisticated than him

19. Their silly pranks were always too hilarious.

20. A fight with them always ends with them pulling your hair.

Young boy and girl in a fight

And he may now own a house, have a family and is holding down a full time job but he will always be your grotty little bro and you will love him forever.

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