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High Life 20 Year old Video Of Narendra Modi Interview With Barkha Dutt Goes...

20 Year old Video Of Narendra Modi Interview With Barkha Dutt Goes Viral !

A 20-year-old video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and one of the most popular news anchor Barkha Dutt has gone viral. This was the period when Ndtv just started 24 hours telecast and was getting attention because of its election coverage.

Barkha Dutt and Narendra Modi
Credit : Indian Express

This interview by Barkha Dutt was taken on the day of voting for the Eleventh Lok Sabha Elections in 1996, and Barkha as fierce and active she now takes the charge of interviewing the All India General Secretary of Bhartiya Janta Party РNarendra Modi.

This is the Video :

Source : Youtube

Now in this video, Narendra Modi is recognizable, with slightly black hair but still the same expressions and strong voice.But Barkha is hardly looking the same, with a ponytail, still having sharp sense and way of interviewing. During the 3 minute video, Modi answers the question with the same attitude and quick reactions, also taking a dig on Congress. Seems like he knew that one day he will defeat the Congress and will become Prime Minister even back then.

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