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20 Years Old Boy Gets Arrested as he Tries to Trespass Into Akshay Kumar’s Bungalow

Bollywood stars have number of fans. Some of these fans are so obsessed with their favorite stars that they sometimes ended u into doing something weird. In a recent attempt, a 20 years old boy who hails from the Indian state of Haryana has been arrested by the police outside Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar’s house.

He has been arrested for allegedly trespassing into actor Akshay Kumar’s building in Juhu. The police told, the name of this boy is Ankit Goswami and he belongs to Haryana. He found the actor’s address through Google search and tried to enter his house, but a security guard caught him.

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Ankit claimed that he is a die-hard fan of Akshay Kumar. He was allegedly found inside the building compound by security guards at 1.30 am on Tuesday. The police said that Goswami told the guards he wanted to meet Kumar. Ankit has now arrested on the charges of trespassing on the private property by evading security personnel posted at the gates.

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