20s is actually the age we can be both naive and crazy but learning as much as we can. So that when we look back, we can see the glorious mess that we were. Because it is the absolute truth that mistakes are indeed the pillars of success. So never be afraid to fall hard on your knees, but have the strength to get up and get going!

Get Drunk Or High Before a Presentation at work.


Who knows if you’ll perform ten-folds better with those cosmos kicked in.

Get Your Hair Dyed.. An unconventional color, ofcourse!


Oh yeah! Be a rebel and just do it! You might even cringe and run when you look back at pictures from that phase, but it will also remind you of the free, wild soul that you are.

Be A Crazy Spendthrift on a Roadtrip


You will cry later for the rest of the month and thinking hard before spending every penny but yes, that money spent on a vacation with your girlies at the spa will give you the feels of Samantha Jones from Sex and the City.

Be Gutsy To Hit On That Guy You have a Crush On.


Because you won’t have your gorgeous twenties back when you can crush on someone new every month or even week. So pluck up the courage and hit ’em with it 😉

Be a Rebel and Disagree With Your Parents


You are growing up and most of you have grown up so its very normal for you or anybody to disagree with what our folks think for various situations in life. For those instances, argue and fight with them even when you know all they want is your happiness but its all about following your heart (or making a mistake :P) But make sure that things you fight for with them our worth it and you can reason it out with them.

Take Career Risks. Its a Leap of Faith.


Career as we all think and know is not something to be taken lightly but You can’t learn a lesson well without making a mistake. You will never know what path is right or where you belong if oyu won’t tread different paths and visit places.

Have Those Unrealistic and Dreamy Expectations


20s is all about daydreaming and having expectations that won’t seem right as for in the real world is what will keep us going for the rest our lives. If people don’t laugh at your dreams, then you’re dreams are not good enough. All those dreams about vacationing at exotic places and owning a jet or marrying christian grey is all but good for your 20s.

Don’t Miss out on That Crazy Theme Party.


Be it Bollywood or Halloween, theme parties will only bring you awesome memories when the world and the rules didn’t matter and happiness was the only great thing that mattered.

Pursue a Passion in Place of Work


This is actually no mistake at all because you have a passion, following it will only bring you happiness throughout.

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