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23-year-old Ayla Cresswell Claims Dead Boyfriend’s Sperm To Start A Family! How A Sperm Is Stored For Future?

Brother of Ricky Davies (who is an American football player and now works as an agent) Died this year August. Joshua girlfriend  Ayla Cresswell who is 23 years old. Filed an application to keep the sperm of his late boyfriend viable so that she can start a family of her own.


Joshua and Ayla were in a relationship for two years and both of their families were happy about their relationship. They were planning to get married nad have children’s. This Friday Ayla application was accepted by the Supreme Court Judge. Ayla sais in  an interview  “Joshua told me that he was very excited at the prospect of being a father, and we often talked about having children, and the effect it would have on our lives.

“It is my honest belief that this is what Joshua would have wanted.”


Joshua dad, John Davies said:  “Whilst Joshua never discussed this eventuality, I firmly believe that he would be proud for Ayla to have his children.”

How A Sperm Is Frozen Or Stored For Future Use?

A Sperm can be stored for  a period of six months. Before it can be used in the treatment like in this case. The sperm is stored in Liquid Nitrogen (LN2), which has a temperature of -196° C, the cells are cryopreserved. Being cryopreserved means that there is no metabolic activity — the cells aren’t aging or degrading over time

When sperm cells are frozen, the crystallized water has the potential to damage the cell membrane, which is why a cryopreservative such as glycerol is used. The glycerol replaces the water in the cell and prevents this damage. Not all cells take in the glycerol uniformly and so not all cells will survive the freeze/thaw. When the cells are being thawed, the glycerol leaves the cell and is replaced by water, and many of the sperm will start swimming right along when they reach the optimal temperature.

The sperm freezing process may sound precarious, and it is. If sperm cells are maintained at temperatures lower than -135° C they will be stable. This requires careful monitoring of the temperature and liquid nitrogen levels in the tanks. Ideally, tanks storing sperm should be monitored constantly, and there should always be an extra liquid nitrogen resource available to supplement the tanks if necessary.

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