India 3 Crores/Day and 4343 Crores in 4 Years, Govt. Spent on Advertising

3 Crores/Day and 4343 Crores in 4 Years, Govt. Spent on Advertising

We all know that there is always a cut-throat competition between political parties to win the elections. As far as the funding of political parties in India is concerned, it is increasing year by year.BJP saw great inclination in their fundings all over. So, every political party is spending a lot on their advertisings. But NDA government tops the list as per the sources. According to recent RTI, Narendra Modi Government spent around Rs. 4343.26 crores in advertisements and publicity over four years in power.

Further, the Modi government spent Rs. 424.85 crores on print publicity, Rs. 448.97 crore on electronic media and Rs. 79.72 crore on outdoor publicity from 2014 to 2015. Similarly, the government spent Rs. 1171.11 crore in 2015-106 and 1263.15 crores in 2016-17. This amount is quite high for the country like India, where many people are suffering from poverty and illiteracy. If we will divide this amount into 4 years, it is approximately 3 crores/day.

This is really a matter of concern for us because farmers are committing suicides, people are facing poverty, gruesome conditions of higher education or no jobs for educated ones at all.

So, this is the question for all of you that our government should spend that much money on advertising or not? Please leave your answers in comment sections or you can write your opinion piece to us. Just mail your opinion piece with your name on and I will publish your opinion.

We people should be aware of these kinds of happenings in our country. Don’t ever forget that have RTI(Right To Information). The amount spent by UPA government is quite less than Modi Government but still, they did the same. Moreover, Election Commission is doing nothing in this. You can check out the video on the amount spent by both the governments on advertising. I am sharing the link below. Must watch:



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