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3 Little Cancer Survivors Reunited To Recreate The Same Photo From 2014

Back in 2014, Oklahoma photographer Lora Scantling photographed three little girls, 3-year-old Rylie, 6-year-old Rheann, and 4-year-old Ainsley battling childhood cancer.  Now, 3 years later, the girls have reunited for a new photo, and they are stronger and healthier than ever. Scantling told the Huffington Post: “My stepdad was losing his fight with lung cancer, and I wanted to get to do something that spoke a thousand words that would draw emotion.”

3 little cancer survivors
Source: Today

She added: “I chose childhood cancer because I also have a friend who had lost her little boy to cancer a few years before that. I put a post out on Facebook seeking little girls who were fighting cancer, and the portrait was born.”

Cancer Survivors
Source: Good Morning America

All three of the girls are now cancer free and they reunite with her every year to take a new photograph together.
Source: Today

Scantling posted the 2017 version on her facebook page.

Cancer Survivors
Source: Huffington Post

This year really shows how much they have grown and how healthy they all look compared to past years!” Scantling told Huffington Post.

Source: Bored Panda

“The girls as a group are so amazing when they are together.”

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