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High Life


Shubham Banyal



Hey there, we’re here with another interesting tale of weirdest foods for our readers. Today we are covering the three weirdest foods from all around the world, that you may be curious knowing about. So let’s jump into the list:

  1. Wasp Crackers

As you can see these are the cookies filled with wasps all over in it. These biscuits are famous in Japan and two bags of this costs around US$17.

2. Escargots à la Bourguignonne

This dish really looks yummy in its picture but do you know what’s this? We’ve got the answer, so these are snails cooked with garlic, butter and sauce of white wine. Apparently served in their shells.

3. Century Egg

Wait wait wait…, these eggs are not a century old! Yes you got it right. Take an egg, put it in a mixture of clay, ash and quicklime and leave it for like a month, so this is how these can be made. Even they smells like Ammonia, but this dish is very popular in China.

Let us know what you want to hear next from us and leave a comment down if you have ever tasted one of these weirdest foods and want hear more from us.


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