News 3 Year Old Girl killed By Her Dad After She Suffered Sexual...

3 Year Old Girl killed By Her Dad After She Suffered Sexual Abuse

A father has accepted homicide over the death of his 3-year-old daughter, Kyhesha-Lee. She had suffered sexual abuse so brutal that she bled into her nappy. Matthew Lee Williamson has denied sexually or physically abusing the child and accused his housemate, Kent for that. In the Supreme Court in Brisbane, Australia, he has begged guilty to manslaughter because he failed to provide medical treatment for the little girl when he found her victimized in 2013.

Matthew Lee Williamson
Source: Mirror

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He told the court:

“I didn’t think anything of it at the time, I was afraid I’d lose her to welfare … because of the state, she was in.”

According to the reports from Seven News Queensland, Williamson used a rope system to lock her daughter for up to 19 hours a day. Prosecutor Phillip McCarthy purportedly asked in court: “Your first thought that goes through your head, when your daughter is on the ground, dead, is that the police might get you for having a bong?”

Williamson replied: “That’s correct.”

Kyhesha-Lee’s mother said that “it is hard to comprehend” the terrifying details of how the kid spent her final days before her painful death in 2013.

Kyhesha-Lee’s mother

She added: “No one helped her. It’s disgusting.” The case has adjourned until March 16 after Williamson’s defense lawyer Michael Copley requested a report whether a “psychological abnormality” contributed to his treatment towards Kyhesha.

Source: Mirror

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