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3 Years Old Raped, Mutilated And Doused in Acid Over Loan of Rs 10,000

3 Years Old Raped, Mutilated And Doused in Acid Over Loan of Rs 10,000


We talk about change in women safety but some inhuman morons come and tear apart the human values and laws and make us believe that nothing will ever change. In most shameful and disgusting incident that made us ashamed a 3 years old toddler lost her life.

Twinkle Sharma, a 2.5 years old little baby girl went missing from her home in Aligarh and after three days her mutilated and burnt body was found in a dumping ground in Tappal, Aligarh district, Uttar Pradesh. She was brutally murdered by accused Mohammed Zahid, according to reports. The baby girl was brutally raped, strangled, mutilated, her eyes were gouged out, doused in acid and got murdered. Just imagine the pain of that little innocent child who didn’t even talk properly.

The motive behind the murder was a meagre sum of Rs 10,000 that Twinkle’s parents owed Zahid. Zahid and his accused friend Aslam were arrested by the police. Into the police custody, Zagid has now ruled out rape but reportedly admitted to killing the child by strangling. The child’s partially burnt body was found in a bag with her eyes gouged out.

Murder of Twinkle Sharma has shocked the whole country as well as the Bollywood stars. Many of them took to social media to condemn the heinous crime. Actors like Koena Mitra gave it to the communal angle. Check out the tweets:

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We hope the government will do justice with Twinkle Sharma by punishing her culprits.

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