4 Juices That Can Cause Miscarriage In Early Pregnancy


Pregnancy is the most exceptional feeling that any woman can have. The woman who is pregnant become extra cautious during the time when they are expecting. Especially when it comes to food. During pregnancy, a lot of precautions should be taken. Because not every food and juice are mended to take at the time of early pregnancy. Because they can result in widening or opening of the cervix and can result in miscarriage. Some women take fluids to avoid morning sickness and feel better, but they are unaware of the fluids that can cause miscarriage. So here are the four types of juices that can cause harm during pregnancy. And the expecting mothers should strictly avoid it.

Pineapple Juice

Consuming pineapple juice in the first trimester of the pregnancy can be dangerous. As it can cause contractions. And hence this juice can cause miscarriage. So it’s better to avoid it.

Aloevera Juice

The next one is Aloe vera juice that is highly dangerous if taken during the time of early pregnancy. This juice can cause contractions in the uterus and also reduces blood glucose levels that can harm both the mother and the baby. Therefore, all the products of aloe vera are something that every pregnant woman should avoid.

Longan Juice

Talking about longan juice let us tell you that though it is sweet in taste and help you tranquilize, but on the other side, it is quite bad if taken during pregnancy. The reason for this is that pregnant women have a hot phenomenon inside. Hence, it can be quite risky to take this juice as it can cause miscarriage.

Avoid these juices in early pregnancy

Raw Papaya Juice

Now mentioning green papaya. The fruit contains a lot of enzymes, which can cause miscarriage. Moreover, it has papin that stimulates uterus contractions. During labour, our body releases oxytocin and prostaglandin which are important for the body when babies are born. And these contractions might lead to abortion. So if an expecting mother consumes it. There’s a big no to them.

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