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High Life 4 Reasons to Enjoy a 'Love in Lavasa' Experience this Season

4 Reasons to Enjoy a ‘Love in Lavasa’ Experience this Season

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The season of love is here and everyone’s in a mood to express it to their special someone. If you, too have been searching for an ideal Valentine’s surprise this year, then we have an exciting plan you’re sure to love – a getaway to Lavasa!

Oh yes! It’s a small and mesmerizing city where you and your beloved can enjoy some private time for a perfect romantic experience. With Valentine’s Day falling on Friday this time, it’s indeed an opportune time to actualize the plan. If you live in Pune or Mumbai, then taking this trip can be even easier for you through using car hire in Pune service and driving to this serene city yourself.

A perfect blend of nature and infrastructure, Lavasa is Pune’s largest hill city. It is unique in the sense that it is built like the Italian town of Portofino which will make you cherish your experience here for a long time to come. For a more private experience, book a car rental service in Pune and drive off to this city.

So, if you are still wondering if visiting Lavasa is a great idea or not, here are a few reasons which will change your mind:

1. Bask in Beauty

Long Strolls in Nature’s Lap

If you and your partner like the idea of pulling the car along the road and walking hand in hand while admiring natural beauty, Lavasa will please you every bit. Situated on the shores of Warasgaon lake, the streets run parallel to the gleaming water while offering enchanting views of the Ghats. 

To get the best experience, book a car on rent in Pune without driver and drive to this alluring city the way you want. Stop on the way to savour some hot chai and pakoda and click some lovely pictures with beautiful backdrops. You will enjoy freedom and greater privacy in travelling to and through the city only if you don’t have a driver along. In such a case, taking car rental service in Pune as offered by companies like Zoomcar will be the best bet for you.

2. Enjoy Pleasing Drives

What’s a romantic vacation without a long drive?

The best part about choosing Lavasa is that it can easily be reached via road. 50 kms from Pune and 195 kms from Mumbai, choosing this destination means you can enjoy a splendid long drive experience with your companion. The pleasant weather of the city will add even more joy to your driving experience. Book self drive in Pune service, playsome romantic songs and drive your way to the town enjoying with your partner. 

There are also plenty of riveting places to explore in Lavasa,such as Dasve Lake, Dasve Bird View Gallery and LavasaNature Trail. Drive to these places and soak in the serene beauty together. In case you’re a group of couples travelling together for some fun and frolic, then you can even book an Innova on rent in Pune for a comfortable ride. 

3. Experience Privacy

Love is best enjoyed away from all the hustle.

While common destinations are crowded during this season, Lavasa being India’s first private city offers a distinctive experience to visitors in general and couples particularly. It requires proper booking to enter the city and so lacks the hustle which comes with a regular crowd. This will enable you both to truly enjoy a relaxing time in each other’s company. To ensure the same privacy in driving to Lavasa, take self drive Pune service and travel the way you want.

4. Indulge in Some Fun

Having a little fun together goes a long way.

Lavasa offers not only beauty, but also fun-filled activities. If you and your partner love water sports, then you’ll get a chance to engage in various such activities. You can enjoy Kayaking, jet skiing, a romantic boat ride along with indulging your taste buds in delicacies available along Lakeside Promenade. Such activities are sure to give you both lifelong memories. Taking self drive in Pune service will ensure that you do not have any travelling related worries in mind. 

Renew Your Love in Lavasa

Lavasa is a lover’s paradise. Plan a trip here and experience it for yourself. While making bookings, remember to check out car rental service in Pune as offered by companies like Zoomcar that provide a wide range of cars such as hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs on daily, monthly and other extended periods. You can pick the vehicle from a point near you and get started for a wonderful trip. 

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