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High Life 5 Acupressure Points That Will Help You Lose Weight Rapidly

5 Acupressure Points That Will Help You Lose Weight Rapidly

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Most of the people take the help of diet, gym or Yoga to control their body weight. But do you know that we can also use acupressure technique to lose weight? In this technique, we have to put pressure or press certain parts of the body. These techniques help in hunger control, which further helps in weight loss. Here are 5 acupressure points of your body that will help you lose weight.

1) Ear

Near the ear canal, before Tragus, there is acupressure point. Press it for 3 minutes with fingers. This helps in hunger control.

2) Leg

Press the calf for 5 minutes with the help of fingers and thumb. This helps in improving digestion which controls weight.


3) Hand

Press the part of your lower palm for 2 minutes. You can do the same for the feet too. This helps in losing weight.

4) Stomach

Put pressure, with the use of your two fingers, on the right lower quadrant and left lower quadrant. After that press your calf bone for one minute. Doing this regularly will help you lose weight.

5) Elbow

Press the point as shown in the picture with the help of a thumb of another hand. Press it for 5 minutes. Do this on both the elbows.

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