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Top 5 Advantages and Disadvantages Of Love Marriage

Top 5 Advantages and Disadvantages Of Love Marriage


Marriage is considered as the starting of 2nd phase in everyone’s life. Marriage can either be arranged or love. These days most of the people prefer to have a love marriage than getting arranged by their parents.

Following, we listed advantages and disadvantages of love marriage:

1. Ownership

Advantage: The ownership of love marriage lies totally with the partners.

Disadvantage: Partners can’t blame their parents if anything goes wrong.

2. Choice to choose

Advantage: In love marriage, individuals have their own choice and wish to get married to the specific person.

Disadvantage: There’s a lot of anxiety and stress that people go through when they choose to spend their life with someone of their choice.

3. Risk factor

Advantage: The young couple still hope for lifelong togetherness and risk factor almost eliminates.

Disadvantage: There is a lot of risk of separation in love marriage because usually these marriages are done impulsively.

4. Parental involvement

Advantage: Individuals choose their partners and then convey their choice to the parents.

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Disadvantage: Individuals don’t get parental support and everyone in their family turns against them.

5. Financial implication

Advantage: Partners become more responsible and mature to handle things of their own.

Disadvantage:  Due to lack of financial support, things get a little bit complicated.

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