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High Life 5 Angels Sightings That Were Caught On Tape: Do These Mystical Creatures...

5 Angels Sightings That Were Caught On Tape: Do These Mystical Creatures Really Exist?

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Angels are mystical creatures that are believed to be the light workers of the universe. These angels are believed to be one of the first creations of the GOD. These light workers are superior to humans in both power and intelligence. They are believed to be the residents of the mystical heaven, yes! where God resides. These are believed to be the guardians of mankind and are also the intermediaries between earth and the heaven. It is believed that there are different kinds of angels and these light workers are categorized according to the service they offer to our mankind.

Some people strongly believe that these mystical creatures really exist and some even claimed that they actually felt their presence more than once. But in this era of technology, we don’t believe in the verbal testament rather we believe in what we see!!!! So, here is the video of some of the angles who were caught on tape:

video source: Top 5 Finest 

This video gave chills down our spine??? Did you feel the same??? Now, this is for you to decide whether they exist or not. This is totally a decision based on your gut feeling. Everybody has different religious beliefs and we respect everybody’s perspective. But if God exists, why can’t the angels?? This is a debatable issue but maybe one day we will actually be able to find the answer to this question.

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