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Entertainment 5 Bollywood Stars Whose Family Abandoned Them During Their Last Days of...

5 Bollywood Stars Whose Family Abandoned Them During Their Last Days of Life

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As beautiful as the Bollywood looks beautiful outside, inside it is full of miseries. There are a number of scary stories that you can’t even imagine in the worst of your dreams. Today we will tell you about the Bollywood stars who worked so hard to become a big name in this film industry, they even succeeded but ended up dying alone as they were abandoned by their families.

Parveen Babi

Parveen Babi’s name hits the list. The hottest diva of the 70s, Parveen was successful in work but in personal life she remained unsuccessful because of failed relationships. She suffered from a delusional disorder which led her to the addiction to drugs and alcohol. Her family left her, she used to live alone. In 2005, Parveen was found dead under mysterious circumstances in her apartment after three days of her death.

Raj Kiran

He was the popular actor in the 80s. He gave a number of hits but then suddenly his career saw a setback. Due to this Raj Kiran went into acute depression. Later, he was admitted to Byculla Mental asylum in Mumbai. He disappeared from the industry and was thought to be living as a recluse in America for many years. In the year 2011, Rishi Kapoor who was known to be his good friend revealed that the actor was in Atlanta in an asylum where he was living due to mental illness. However, following the same year Raj Kiran’s daughter Rishika issued a public statement negating the reports of Raj Kiran being found in Atlanta. To let you know, his status is still missing, nobody knows whether he’s alive or dead.

Meena Kumari

The legendary actress of Bollywood lived a life of misery. She died young just at the age of 38. She was the highest-paid actresses of Bollywood. Meena Kumari was heartbroken as her husband Kamal Amrohi never gave her the status of a wife. Her personal life was so disturbed that she became an alcoholic and damaged her liver. She died all alone three weeks after her last movie Pakeezah released with no money left to pay her hospital bills.

AK Hangal

One of the prominent names of Indian cinema. Avtar Kishan Hangal appeared in over 225 films before slowly retiring from movies. During his old days, his family abandoned him. In 2012 he passed away at the age of 97 in a hospital without money to pay for his treatment.

Achla Sachdev

The famous veteran actress died in 2012 following respiratory insufficiency. In 2011, Achala slipped and fell in her kitchen. She sustained a fracture in her leg. After that, she was diagnosed with multiple embolisms in her brain. This resulted in total paralysis and the loss of her vision which ultimately took her life. She was abandoned by her son who lived in America and a daughter who lived in Mumbai. They cut off their contact with her and didn’t bother about her when she was dying.

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