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High Life She Killed Chopped Up Cooked and Ate Husband, 5 Brutal Murderer Wives

She Killed Chopped Up Cooked and Ate Husband, 5 Brutal Murderer Wives

The World is full of reckless women, who can go beyond limits. Out of these, some are those who even killed their husbands. Today, we are going to reveal such 5 women who murdered their husband brutally.
1) Katherine Knight: Kills Husband and Eats Him
She stabbed her husband 37 times with a butcher’s knife then skinning him and hanged his body with a meat hook in their lounge room in the year 2000. She had a history of violence in relationships. She mashed the dentures of one of her ex-husbands and slashed the throat of another husband’s eight-week-old puppy before his eyes. She then cut her husband, Thomas Price’s head and cooked it in a pot on the stove, baked flesh from his buttocks and cooked vegetables and gravy as side dishes to serve to Mr. Price’s children.
2) Rajni Narayan: Burns husband’s private part by splashing petrol
In December 2008, Rajni Narayan who lived in Australia burnt the private part of her husband by splashing petrol and set it to fire while he was sleeping. Husband, Satish Narayan got brutally scorched in this attack. He died after 20 days post incident.
3) Kiranjeet Ahluwalia
She is an Indian woman who came to international attention after burning her husband to death in 1989 in the UK. She claimed it was in response to ten years of physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. She splashed a mixture of caustic soda and petrol on her husband Deepak and set him to fire.
4) Omaima Aree Nelson, Killed, Chopped Up, Cooked and Ate Husband
Egyptian-born model and 24-year-old nanny Omaima Aree Nelson Killed, Chopped Up, Cooked and Ate Husband dipping the ribs in barbecue sauce and later joking, “Nothing tastes as good as the man I married. It’s the sauce that does it.” She killed husband to marry her boyfriend as his husband refused to give her divorce.
5)  76-year-old lady who is suspected of murdering four of her five husbands
An old Georgia woman who is currently in a North Carolina jail, accused of murdering her four husbands out of five. She murdered all of them for money.

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