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Trending These 5 Countries Will Disappear in the Coming Years

These 5 Countries Will Disappear in the Coming Years

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The disappearance of a city or a country gives a thought of fear to the people related to that place. This thought of disappearance naturally rises a feeling of curiosity that how can a whole country disappear? Causes are many like natural calamities, abolition or others. Here via this post, we are mentioning 5 countries that won’t exist in near future and for your surprise, their causes would not be the same.

1) United Kingdom

The UK is the union of four places – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. If we put an eye toward the history there were many protests in different parts of the United Kingdom demanding separation. Because of this “separation” reason the United Kingdom is in a huge danger to save its existence in the future.

2) The Maldives

The beautiful country of islands that attracts tourists’ eyes. The country is situated in the Indian Ocean where sea levels are rising and increasing at a rapid rate leads to a danger of extinction of this country. According to reports, there will be no existence of Maldives in next 20-25 years.

3) North Korea

As North Korea is continuously challenging by giving threats of nuclear bombing to the World and especially United States Of America speculations are the country will dissolve in the near future. The main reason will be the dictatorship of Kim Jong Un. He has tested hydrogen bombs several times on the border of South Korea which resulted in the earthquakes.

4) Pakistan

Pakistan the country of terrorists. It is the country equipped with nuclear bombs and there exists a large number of terrorist groups constantly involved in spreading militancy in its neighboring countries like India and Afghanistan. The way Pakistan is creating a havoc in the world by not acting against the act of terrorism is putting its existence in danger.

5) Libya

In the present scenario, Libya is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. It faced a long civil war in the year 2011. Also, there is a huge imbalance between the government and the people who live there. Their homely militancy groups are fighting with the army and other armed forces and there is no law and order there which leads to its extinction in the coming years.

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