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Infotainment 5 Bizarre Crimes Of The History That Will Creep You Out

5 Bizarre Crimes Of The History That Will Creep You Out

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History is not meant to talk about legends and their great achievements. History has very weird and bizarre incidents stored in its lap that will shock you to the core. Today we are going to reveal five creepiest crimes recorded in the history that will creep you out. They are as follows:

1) Margarita Peter Crucified Herself
Margarita Peter was a very religious girl. At the very young age of 20, she gave the homily or religious lessons by roaming all around the Switzerland in just three years. In 1823, when she returned to her home at the age of 29, she made a large number of followers. Out of them, many were her family members or relatives. One day Margarita announced that their home is cursed with a spirit of a ghost. She offered the sacrifice of her life to overcome that curse.
She was brutally beaten by her followers after expressing her wish. After that, she asked her followers to crucify her. Like Margarita said that she will be alive again by the third day of her crucifixion, her followers kept her dead body safe. But when the body started getting decomposed, police raided her house and arrested her followers.
2) Berlin’s Butcher
In 1920 Karl Grossman took rooms on rent in the slum area of Berlin. He was already an accused of violence, barbarian and child molestation. In 1921, when police found 20 dead bodies nearby the river bank they raided his rooms and found a dead body of a woman who was murdered by Karl a few time before. Her servant told the police that he used to brutally rape women and then murdered them. It is also said that he used to cut the pieces of bodies and put them into hot dogs and sold them to the passengers at the Railway Station. He was also known as the Butcher of Berlin.


3) A thief who became queen
In 1771 a maid named Sara Wilson stole the jewelry, clothes, and portrait of queen Charlotte and got arrested. Then in her prison ship, she got sold to a king in America. She escaped from there and claimed herself as the sister of Charlotte, Susanne. Those who agreed to her claim got attracted towards her. She took their advantage and lead a luxurious life. On one fine day, she got caught by her former king and sent back to the prison.

4) Greedy lady who cut a foot of her husband
In 1904 Martha Livingston of Austria got handful property and money in a will by her ancestors but because of her habit of spending money recklessly, she lost her all money and property. Then she and her husband planned a conspiracy to get money from insurance, according to that Martha tried to cut a foot of her husband, however, got failed in doing so properly. Martha got arrested and sent to jail for 4 months. When she returned, her family members started dying one by one. After some days Martha’s servant’s dead body was found along with her husband and 3 children’s dead bodies. Martha committed all these crimes to get money from insurance.

5) Nun who ate the excreta of her lover
Mariana De Leyva is also known as Nun Of Monza. She was a nun of Italy. She had two children from her lover. She was always repented because of her unlawful relationship with his boyfriend. To overcome her regret she adopted a very weird way that was to eat the excreta of her boyfriend. She murdered an another nun as she suspected her of being in a relationship with her boyfriend. She died in 1650.


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