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High Life 5 Dead People Who Came Back To Life

5 Dead People Who Came Back To Life

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In this article, I guarantee you one thing, Suspense!! with some dose of a thriller too. I am presenting you some stunning stories when dead people were actually alive.

1. A Girl was entombed alive and died after she was rescued from the tomb

Times Dead People Were Actually Alive

A pregnant girl, Neysi Perez, one day fell and did not get up. Her family buried her and her unborn child in a tomb, sealed off from the world. Her mother, saddened, visited her child’s tomb the day after she was buried and she heard the sound:

“I could hear noises inside. I heard banging, then I heard her voice. She was screaming for help.”

Her family dug her out and she was saved. But after some hours, she again died and this time or real.

2. Teenager wakes up when headed to his own funeral

Times Dead People Were Actually Alive

A boy which was supposed to die woke up when his family got his body prepared, put him in a coffin, and took him to be cremated.

3. Noelia moves as embalming starts

Times Dead People Were Actually Alive

Noelia Serna, a 45-year-old woman who “died” of a “heart attack,” and her “corpse” was taken to a hospital to be embalmed.

4. Man who came back to life

Times Dead People Were Actually Alive

walter Williams died at 78 in 2014 and the funeral home came to his place of residence to get the body, checking to make sure there was no pulse. There wasn’t. But inside the embalming room, he began to breathe.

5. A woman who screamed that she was being buried alive

Times Dead People Were Actually Alive

Ms Eleanor Markham died in 1894. She was put in a coffin, the coffin was sealed. Suddenly, strange sounds started coming out from Coffin. Doctor opened it and the conversation was like, ”

“My God!” she cried in broken accents, “You are burying me alive!” Her doctor responded, “Hush! child. You are https://www.pagalparrot.com/times-dead-people-were-actually-alive.htmlall right. It is a mistake easily rectified.”

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