High Life Beauty 5 Essential Oils That You Need For Amazing Skin And Health Benefits

5 Essential Oils That You Need For Amazing Skin And Health Benefits

Essential oils are the best beauty ingredients to treat your skin. Although, the trend may be new – your friends may be telling you about these beneficial oils on social media but these essential oils are age-old secrets for beautifying and treating various skin disorders. The term ‘essential oil’ is used because of the fact that these volatile compounds contain the ‘essence’ of a plant or seed from which they are extracted.

1. Lavender Oil

5 essential oils Lavender oil

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Lavender Oil can prove to be the best–first available things at home for insomnia. The soothing aroma of the lavender oil can help calm and frustrated senses. It can help relieve muscle and joint pain and backache.  Lavender oil can also be beneficial for treating skin problems including – acne, wrinkles and form scar tissues – essential in healing wounds, burns & cuts. Add few drops of lavender oil in bathwater to boost blood circulation.

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