Some places in our world are run by the rules and regulations made by the male dominated society. Due to which many restrictions have been imposed on women from history till date, women have also protested against these restrictions from time to time. These restrictions have been coming in front of women in the form of wearing, commuting and different customs.

In today’s article, we will tell you about such places in the world where even today women are strictly forbidden to go. Even after so many protests for equality, women are not allowed to go to these places of the world.

Mount Athos, Greece-

Mount Athos, located in northern Greece, is a sacred place where monks reside. Since thousands of years ago, women are forbidden to visit this place, not only this, there is a ban on animals coming to this place. The devotees there believe that this place is not suitable for women to come, women going there will make a difference to the spirit of the place. Many women also protested against this, but even today there is a ban on women coming here.

Mount Omin, Japan-

Yamabushi monks reside in Mount Omin, located in Japan, where women are also prohibited from visiting this place. People here believe that this is their religious belief and no one needs to interfere in it. Despite this, many feminist women demand the removal of the ban on this place. Even today it is written on the door of the temple that women are not allowed to enter this place.

Kartikeya Temple, Pushkar, India-

There are many religious places in India where women are banned, including this temple of Lord Kartikeya in Pushkar. The belief of this temple is that if a woman enters this temple, she will be cursed, she will never get the blessings of this temple. Due to this superstition, women themselves do not even ask to go here.

Burning Tree Club, America-

This is a golf club located in Maryland, USA. America’s famous people used to come here to play golf, but even today there is a ban on women coming to this place. 

Okinoshima Island, Japan –

Okinoshima is a beautiful island located in the country of Japan , which has also been given the status of a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The monks of Shinto tradition living here have banned the entry of women, due to which women cannot come here. Women are forbidden on this whole island, so you can understand how difficult it is to talk about equality.