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High Life 5 Footwear Mistakes That Are Strictly NO NO

5 Footwear Mistakes That Are Strictly NO NO

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Give a Girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world! 

  -Marylin Monroe

While you step out in that lovely dress or your favorite pair of shorts, make sure that you step out in the right pair of shoes so that you don’t have the fashion shoe police  daunting upon you over your choice of shoes. While we are dress up our feet some unsaid standards to be followed are a must. 5 Footwear Mistakes that are strictly NO NO and must be avoided at any cost.

1. stockings never Go with open toed shoes..


Stylish women, that we are must never go out pairing a sheer pair of stockings with open toed shoes as it is considered a big blunder in the fashion world.

2. Drag Pants 


If you’re wearing drag pants then its probably what you can call a total disaster- a wardrobe as well as a shoes disaster. Better to shorten those pants and flaunt those shoes to reveal the toe and the part of the heel of your shoes.

3. Neglected Shoes


Nothing can look worse than a rugged and dinged pair of stilettosor its heels. If the top of your shoe is still keeping up then that does not necessarily mean that the shoes are wearable. the sides and heel of the shoes also play a big role in their overall look.

4. Inappropriate for the most Wild reasons


It is an art to know which pair of shoes must go with which outfit. wearing high heeled shoes while you’re up for a trekk day is a big NO! Wear something that supports your feet and helps you walk on the rugged terrain. If its a beach day, make sure to pair your outfit with shoes that are made of material that won’t get spoilt by some water or if its apool party then shoes with soles to grip onto wet surfaces are the only best choice. No doubt a 5-inch heel will make you look stunning but wearing it for a walk in the park? Not so smart and stylish!

5. Treat Shoes like fashion accessories


You must always wear shoes as per your body typeso that it accentuates and flatters your figure. A red ankle cuff pair of shoes highlights your calves and ankles, now if that’s a part you wish to flaunt then these are the right choice. Wear shoes like fashion accessories so that they must go in sync with your whole outfit and your body.

Well, girls now that you know all about wearing the right shoes, stay Stylish at every step!

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