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High Life 5 Haunting Facts About Ocean Pollution

5 Haunting Facts About Ocean Pollution

Trash in the Ocean

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As we know that the oceans make up to 70% of the space occupied on earth. It comes as no surprise that our oceans are also the biggest landfills present around us with millions of metric tons of garbage being disposed of every MINUTE.

Plastic debris floating on the ocean surface, shot underwater.

Majority of the garbage that ends up in the sea denotes plastic and similar products like water bottles, plastic cups, yoghurt boxes and drinking straws. The irony is that plastic does not degrade easily, in fact, it will lurk around the environment for many years to come. Apart from this, it is highly damaging to the marine life that gets caught up in this trash and mistakenly ingests it as food. That’s why it’s recommended to use professional junk removal services for junk removal so that most of the stuff gets recycled. Moreover, it’s stated that proper junk removal is the responsibility of every citizen.

Ocean Acidification

For every pint of fossil fuel we consume, not only do we pollute the environment, we put our oceans at stake as well. The ocean waters tend to absorb almost half of the manmade carbon emissions that reduce the PH of the water leading to acidification at an accelerated pace.

Today the ocean waters are far more acidic than they were a century ago. When the biochemistry of the marine ecosystem is disturbed, much marine wildlife suffer. Reefs and shellfish such as mussels, clams and oysters require calcium carbonate to make their shells, but acidification tends to reduce the levels of ocean calcium carb. Making survival unlikely. This is also linked to the multimillion-dollar fishery industry that depends on marine life, with already depleting levels of daily harvest, we are only but to blame.

Offshore Drilling

The world economy is dependent on how much oil and gas reserves are found with every passing day and while inland reserves are plenty, offshore drilling still constitutes a main part of the petroleum industry. Routine drilling operations are not only responsible for noise pollution and toxic spills but they also release poisonous gases that are dangerous for the coastal life as well as land dwellers. Even the smallest of oil spills can have a long-lasting impact on the environment.

Ocean Noise

Sound waves travel faster in liquid mediums than air and sound is an integral part of communication used by whales and sharks in finding their mates, counterparts and food. But today the ocean is experiencing far more noise pollution than ever due to human involvement. Consider the daily voyage of thousands of heavy-duty container ships and oil tankers producing ridiculous amounts of noise. Apart from this, most of the world powers use the oceans to test their high powered guns and bombs that can potentially deafen and even kill marine wildlife. Some noise testings are so powerful that they can cause whales and other wildlife to permanently migrate from their natural habitat.

We Think It Won’t Affect Us

The reality is the opposite and extremely harsh. Merely dumping everything in the ocean won’t make it disappear or diluted. Today our fishery industry is facing losses every day as wildlife is depleting, moreover, the food we consume is highly contaminated with pollutants and toxins namely lead, which is making cancer and other immune disorders far more prevalent than ever before.

What should we do? We should recycle and dispose of junk responsibly. Using the services of a professional junk removal company is the easiest of these things.

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