Highest paid hollywood actors

It’s not necessary that when someone starts acting, he will eventually end up getting a lot of fame and money. However, there are some who are lucky enough to be a millionaire in one shot. So mentioned below is the list of the five actors and actresses who got the most money for a single Hollywood movie catching!

Highest paid actors of Hollywood

1. Tom Cruise: $100 Million

The absurd amounts that you will encounter in this list are usually so high because the biggest stars have a very lucrative condition in their contracts. They not only receive a nice amount in advance but also a percentage of the proceeds of the film. The bigger the star, the bigger that percentage, so in the case of Tom Cruise, that can add up nicely. His salary reached $100 million for both Mission: Impossible 2 and War of the Worlds. 

2. Will Smith: $100 Million

Will Smith has always been good at the fine art of salary negotiation, but with Men in Black 3, he got himself a really nice deal. He knew full well that a successful new installment in this sci-fi comedy series was impossible without him, so he sold his skin dearly: thanks to a percentage of the proceeds, the counter went up to a whopping $100 million. He was worth the money, too, because look how bad it ended with Men in Black: International, the first Men in Black movie without him.

3. Bruce Willis: $100 Million

With his fee of 14 million dollars in advance, the makers of The Sixth Sense had paid a decent market price to hire Bruce Willis. But this handy harry also wanted a percentage of the proceeds. Fine, the bosses thought: how much extra money can that cost us with a relatively small-scale supernatural thriller like this? Well, you can easily calculate that if you know that at the end of the day he could pocket $100 million. The Sixth Sense became a smash hit of a surprise hit and Willis was able to at least buy an extra house from it.

4. Keanu Reeves: $78 Million

The Matrix was such a resounding success that the film studio gave the go-ahead for two sequels at the same time, which were also shot right after each other. But they didn’t get a quantity discount on protagonist Keanu Reeves, quite the contrary! He was paid $30 million before filming even started, and he also negotiated a percentage for both The Matrix: Reloaded and The Matrix: Revolutions. That was double cashing: he earned 156 million dollars, which comes down to 78 million on average per film.

5. Sandra Bullock: $70 Million

With the money that Sandra Bullock earned with Gravity, she can almost buy her own rocket to do that space adventure over again. $20 million is what had to be transferred so that she could get started on her role as an astronaut. And afterward, she could look forward to 15 percent of the proceeds. Since Gravity became a huge success, that reward grew like a supernova and she was 70 million dollars richer by the end of this crazy ride.

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