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5 Lesser Monuments in Delhi with Historical Significance

Delhi is a beautiful city. It is vibrant and colourful, and there is truly no other state like Delhi. Both modern and ancient in its structure, Delhi has the charm of an old city but all the facilities of a modern hub. Historically too, Delhi has a lot of significance as it was the centre of all political development in the empires built centuries ago. The food of Delhi, too, is an absolute delight. Rich in various cuisines, Delhi offers a range of delicacies for the people and the tourists visiting the city.

Whether it is Chandni Chowk or Saket, Purana Quila or the NCR region outside Delhi, one can find distinct flavours in the various regions of the city. As a tourist, the best way to explore this web of vibrancy and culture is by checking in one of the hotels near New Delhi airport, and beginning your exploration from there. To examine the city properly, it is essential to focus on every area and street with equal gusto and enthusiasm. In fact, one must know about the lesser known monuments of Delhi as they’re sometimes more enigmatic and mysterious than the ones known by all:

  1. Bijay Mandal

Situated in the posh South Delhi colony, Bijay Mandal is a fourteenth-century monument that was started by Emperor Allauddin Khilji, but was completed by Muhammad Bin Tughlaq. The monument was constructed on a raised platform. Even though there has been a deterioration in the structure of the tomb, the intricate craftsmanship is still obvious and rather visible when you examine the structure with a discerning eye.

  1. Qutb Sahib ki Dargah

Located in Mehrauli, this is considerably lesser known. It belongs to Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki, who was also a disciple of Khwaja Chisti of Ajmer. The grave of Qutb Sahib lies in the centre of the enclosure, and the dargah also comprises structures like the assembly house, robe chamber, a mosque, tanks and several gates.

  1. Chor Minar

An isolated tower in Hauz Khas, Chor Minar was built in the thirteenth century by Allauddin Khilji. One can spend their evenings in the lush gardens surrounding the tower, but in the past, it served as a displaying ground for severed heads of criminals.

  1. Azim Khan Tomb

This well-preserved monument belonged to Azim Khan. It is situated on a hillock and is topped by an inverted lotus finial. It is also endowed with the most fascinating patterns on its arches and alcoves which can be beautiful to study.

  1. Khirki Masjid

The Khirki Masjid is located in the heart of Delhi. It was built by Junan Shah and comprises 81 domes, 180 columns ad 15 praying arches. The mosque experienced a mix of Hindu-Islamic architecture, which was very rare at the time of its construction. Beautiful and mysterious, it should definitely be on our list!

Once you’ve selected one of the finest hotels in New Delhi, the likes of The LaLiT New Delhi, it is time to explore the unexplored areas of New Delhi, and what better places to start than these monuments? So, begin from the first and find more unexplored ones to add to this list!


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