5 Funny Mistakes in Sanju That Are Grabbing Attention Now

Sanju has now released and it is proved to be the year’s biggest opener. It is a biopic of Sanjay Dutt. From audience to the critics everyone is appreciating the film. But even after possessing so much good things, there are some funny mistakes in the film:

Mistake No.1

In one of the scenes, Sanju can be seen in the hospital where has a wound on the left side of his head. But in the next scene, where he is traveling in a bus the spot of that wound can be seen on the right side.

Mistake No. 2

The man vanishes when a girl gives a coin to Sanju.

Mistake No.3
Cigarette in Ranbir’s mouth vanishes when Sanju put the commode ring around her neck.
Mistake No.4
Shadow of the passengers.
Mistake No.5
The position of the cloth on the knee.

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