Alien ufo
Alien UFO

Whenever we imagine about an Alien or UFO, a blurry image of those tiny human-like naked creatures suddenly appears in our mind. Big eyes, big head, some superpowers and of course a spaceship of ability to travel with the speed of light. Sounds fun! yeah? So today, we’re jumping into the list of 5 most strange and mythic UFO sightings from the world. Join us and improve your knowledge about our fellow universal creatures.

#1 Kelly–Hopkinsville encounter

Kelly–Hopkinsville encounter

After the sighting of a disc-shaped aircraft, a group of strange, goblin-like creatures is reported to have repeatedly approached a farmhouse and inspected inside through the windows. Members of the two houses do shot at them several times with little or no effect. The encounter persisted from evening to sunrise.

#2  Roswell, 1947

Roswell 1947

Some theorists claimed that the US Military found an crashed alien aircraft and someone recovered debris from a top-secret surveillance balloon. Read More here- Rosewell UFO Incident.

#3 Westall encounter, 1966

In this case, more than 200 students and teachers witnessed a flying saucer fall into a field of grass. There are no pictures of the incident but eyewitnesses still gather for reunions.

#4 Belgian wave, 1989-90

Belgian wave, 1989-90

A huge amount of 13,500 people claimed to have seen large, silent, low-flying black triangles. During this time, Belgium became very well known throughout the world for its flap of triangle-shaped UFOs and other sightings, starting in the dutch area of Eupen and finally touching the entire country.

#5 Levelland case, 1957

Some motorists of Texas reported their engines stalling after encountering a glowing, egg-shaped thing – and that their vehicles restarted after it flew through. An investigation concluded that it was down to an electrical disturbance and “ball lightning”.


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