erotic movies
erotic movies

The success of Fifty Shades of Grey proved that sex is still selling with $ 569 million at the box office plus a box office record of $ 85 million on its premiere day. In fact, in June 2015, the book had been translated into over 150 languages and sold over 125 million copies.  However, on the same hand, the film also received a lot of negative criticism for the “unhealthy” relationship between the main character and her dominant partner. However, Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t the only hot movie that deserves your attention. If you yearn for the good old erotica, you should also know about these movie masterpieces.

1. Secretary

The film is probably the closest movie to “50 shades of grey”. Lee Holloway (played by Maggie Gyllenhaal) gets a job as a secretary for the hero of James Spader, who, by the way, is called Edward Gray. As a result, they develop deep and sophisticated BDSM relationships. In many spicy scenes, the film builds up its sexual intensity, and the viewer is in constant tension, watching the relationship between the main characters.

2. Adele’s Life

This one is the story of a young girl, Adele, who explores the nature of her sexual desire. Frightened by their homosexual impulses, Adele and Emma enter into a relationship with each other, despite the contempt from their friends. Over time, their love affair fades away, although there is a special touch of eroticism in the film. The film creates the impression that all barriers have been removed around the young mistresses, and their bodies, and they are becoming closer and more familiar.

3. Shame

Shame is basically a heartbreaking story about nymphomaniacs from New York. Brandon Sullivan (played by Michael Fassbender) avoids intimacy with his family and friends. Director Steve McQueen has managed to create a film that attracts the viewer in such a way that it is impossible to come off. The sex scenes in Shame serve as a gateway to a world of tragedy that addiction can lead to. The film strikes a delicate balance between sex scenes and an emotional storyline.

4. Bilitis

This is a beautiful French romantic drama by photographer David Hamilton. It is perhaps best described as a soft, pornographic film about a young Bilitis (played by Patty D’Arbanville) who spends the summer with her father’s friends and accidentally falls in love with her guardian. Since the director was primarily a photographer, the film is like one big photograph – a beautiful, fascinating journey into the world of youthful sex life.

5. Nymphomaniac: Part 2

One of the films on this list is Nymphomaniac: Part 2. The main character Joe played by Charlotte Gainsbourg is a nymphomaniac, and yes, the film is not shy about sex. In addition to a stunning directorial work and stellar cast and great cinematography, the film is beautifully balancing on the brink of art and vulgarity. It can be called more of a chilling guide to sexual nightmares than a traditional narrative.

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