5 Naughty Parrots Who Abuse The Visitors Of Their Zoo

Abusing Parrots

All of you must have seen talking parrots, but have you ever seen abusive parrots? There are five parrots in a zoo in Britain who are adept at abusing. They used to abuse the visitors coming there, so the zoo officials removed them. These are all five African parrots of gray color. Their names are Eric, Jade, Elsie, Tyson and Billy.

Naughty Parrots

They were brought to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park in the UK for spectators some time ago. However, when they started abusing the visitors to the zoo, they had to be removed.

The wildlife park official had kept these five parrots in the same cage. However, within a week, all of them learned to abuse each other. The wildlife park officials were also surprised to hear the language of these parrots. Park employees told that at first these parrots were abusing each other, but then they started abusing the visitors coming to the park. These parrots seem to have learned such filthy language among themselves while living together.

Never seen this in 25 years

Naughty Parrots

Steve Nichols, chief executive of the wildlife park, says, “When we came to know about the abusing of these parrots, we were surprised. We have never seen anything like this before in the last 25 years. We knew that parrots sometimes say some ugly things. But this is the first time I have seen parrots abusing the audience. We are now concerned about the children coming to the park. So we have decided to remove them from the park.”

Was encouraged by the laughter of the audience

Steve Nichols added, “The biggest coincidence was that we kept five different parrots in the same cage for the same week. This meant that a cage was created in the park where only the abusing parrots were there. We kept these parrots for the public to see so that they would give up their bad habit. But it was only the audience that started abusing them. He used to laugh out loud when he abused the audience. This gave further impetus to these parrots and they started abusing even more.”

Naughty Parrot

Removed for the sake of small children

Steve Nichols explains that “Abusing parrots may be fun for older people, but it is not the right thing for kids who come to the park. These parrots have now been removed. These are kept separately. Hopefully after a few days they will leave their bad habit and learn to speak some new words. However, if they don’t stop speaking their bad language, I don’t know what to do with them.”

By the way, if there is a parrot in your house, then think ten times before speaking anything bad in front of him, otherwise the atmosphere of your house will be exposed in front of others.