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High Life 5 People Who Died Trying To Save A Dog’s Life

5 People Who Died Trying To Save A Dog’s Life

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Studies on empathy prove that some people would actually choose to save a dog’s life over than the life of a human being. Following are the stories of people who died while trying to save a dog:

5 People Who Died Trying To Save A Dog’s Life

1. Clifford Lee Staley

49-year-old Clifford Lee Staley was walking his bulldog and Shiba Inu along a road in October 2017. But, he was not allowed to walk the dogs at that place due to some genuine reasons. People called police  One of Clifford’s dogs, the Shiba Inu, stepped into the street and a minivan hit the dog. Police told Clifford to stay out of the street but Clifford didn’t listen and ran toward his injured dog. Clifford was hit by another vehicle, and both he and the dog were killed.

2. Jacqueline Watts

A 33-year-old woman, Jacqueline Watts had a dog named Ringo. He was blind from cataracts and deaf. Unfortunately, Ringo went missing and Watts frantically went on searches for the dog. After few days, her body was found lying on a sandbar in the middle of a river. Everyone assumed that she had spotted Ringo and was attempting to save him when she died.

3. Evan Currie

The whole Currie family was driving their boat around Lake Erie. Their family dog jumped into the water to take a swim. He was a good swimmer but beginning to struggle. Jeffrey Currie jumped into the water to save the dog, but he started to drown, too.  Jeffrey’s 19-year-old son, Evan, and his brother jumped into the water to save their dad and their dog. Three men and one dog were all drowning. Moreover, they got electrocuted. At the end, Evan and the dog drowned.

5 People Who Died Trying To Save A Dog’s Life

4. Lucas Hermenegildo

Lucas Hermenegildo was going for a walk with his wife and three dogs. The place was alongside the California Aqueduct, which supplies drinking water to towns throughout the state. One of Lucas’s dogs started to walk down the concrete. Terrified that the dog might drown, Lucas went toward the water to reach for the pup. But Lucas lost his balance and fell into the water. Dog went unharmed but Lucas Hermenegildo was pronounced dead.

5. David Allen Kirwan

Two friends David Allen Kirwan and Ronald Ratliff were visiting the park together. A Ronald’s large dog, a Great Dane named “Moosie,” was also enjoying the weather with them. ran out of the truck, and jumped into the hot spring. David ran toward the water dove into the hot spring headfirst. He tried to save Moosie, but the water began to boil David alive.

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