High Life Health 5 Reasons To Stop Consuming The Most Common Cold Drinks

5 Reasons To Stop Consuming The Most Common Cold Drinks

We all want to remain in a tip-top health, but, with some excuses. Sure, having ice cream once in the month of diet will not make you fat, it will only make your dieting efforts go waste. Just like these stereotype thoughts are our beliefs about cold drinks, the perfect partner for every fast food snack. But are you really sure that consuming cold drinks, even the diet ones are good for you? Well, here is the list of 5 reasons to stop consuming cold drinks for you to know:

1. Increases the rate of heart attacks

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A scientific study in the year 2012 proved that people who drink cold drinks on a regular basis are on a 20% higher risks of heart attacks than the people who drink them on occasions only.

2. Causes damage to bones and teeth


Harmful chemicals present in a cold drink are not only bad for your teeth but also affect your bones adversely. For further information, cold drinks are known as one of the most common causes of arthritis and other bone related diseases.

3. Limited hydration


The hydration effects which a cold drink provides is just limited because along with the fluids, cold drinks also provides diuretics, which are the chemicals which increase the amount of urine in a body, thus reducing the amount of fluids in a body and making it dehydrated.

4. Even the diet drinks are dangerous


If you think that you are safe only because you prefer diet drinks over normal drinks then you are wrong. Science has also proved that the people who drink diet drinks are also under the increased risk of heart attacks and diseases.

5. Can lead to infertility, obesity, cancer and many more diseases


BPA, a resin which is mixed in the canned cold drinks to prevent the chemicals present in the drink to react with the metal is found to be one of the serious causes of infertility, obesity, cancer and many other diseases.

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