According to Vedas of Hinduism, it is believed that human body is made up of five elements (earth, water, fire, air and Akash (void)) and water being one of the element is very important for human life. It works as super-drink for a human body and helps in many body processes. Let’s find out why it is the cheapest super-drink.

Provide Flexibility 

Cartilages which are made up of water work as joint’s padding. So by having a good amount of water you can save your cartilage from damage which will help you to maintain your body flexibility. It is well-known fact that flexibility is a sign of long life.

Source: dailysocialsmedia

Help To Relieve Digestive Problems

Most of the stomach diseases are associated with acidity which further cause other serious problems like ulcers, gastritis, etc.  Water usually have alkaline minerals like magnesium and calcium which helps to balance acidity. You can also get relief from constipation which causes piles by drinking an adequate amount of water.

Source: singhvaid

Elixir For Beautiful Skin

Water helps in detoxification of your body and keeps your skin hydrated, clean and infection free.

Source: jillianwrightskincare

Energy Drink

Drinking less water can make you feel tired and fatigued all the time as it affects enzymatic activities of your body. So that proves water is an ultimate energy drink.

Source: virginpure

Secret To Healthy Brain and Sharp Memory

Dehydration affects brain functions which can ultimately make you feel confused and can also affect your memory.

Source: healthcuretips

These benefits prove that even a plain water is super-drink for the human body which can make a great difference. So don’t forget to have atleast 8 glass of water daily.


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