Akshay Kumar Shoots For Coronavirus Awareness Ad Campaign In Mumbai

Akshay Kumar along with director R. Balki has recently stepped out to shoot for an ad campaign named Ayushman Bharat. 
High Life 5 Refreshingly Yummy Drinks To Help You Lose Belly Fat

5 Refreshingly Yummy Drinks To Help You Lose Belly Fat

A glass full of refreshingly cold and yummy beverage is all you can ask for on a hot summery day. But to our dismay, most of those drinks are packed with unwanted calories. So, here’s what drinks to have that will quench your thirst and will surprisingly help you shed extra weight.

1. Watermelon Smoothie


Smoothies are great to keep yourself hydrated in hot days in the most yummiest way, unless they are loaded with sugary mixes. Watermelon contains essential nutrients and amino acids that help you lose weight.

2. Iced Peppermint Tea


This minty tea is a not only a delicious treat for the tastebuds but also the peppermint processes your body fats more quickly and eases digestion and prevents bloating.

3. Pineapple Frappe


This yummy blended concoction tastes like a vacation in a glass. Pineapple has flaxseed oils that help you trim down belly fat.

4. Green Tea

tea in cup with leaf mint and lemon isolated on white background

Green tea is known for its various health benefits it can offer to people. It contains catechins- a type of antioxidant that eases the process of shedding belly fat.

5. Dark Chocolate Shake


Dark chocolate, as yummy as it is, it has properties that trim down your weight and reduce appetite and cravings.



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