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5 Roles Waiting For Gorgeous Actresses

5 Roles Waiting For Gorgeous Actresses

Rimple Verma

Some roles can be hard to cast, especially when it comes to iconic women. If the actress isn’t good enough, or if the beauty and magnetism of the subject aren’t matched, the depiction can be panned by critics, or even considered insulting. At the same time though, some of these roles offer what would seem to be incredible opportunities for the most gorgeous and capable actresses of today. Here are five roles in particular that seem to be just waiting to be taken on….

1. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor may go down as one of the most beautiful women in history. With her violet eyes, dark tresses, and killer curves, Taylor was simply like no other. Perhaps, in retrospect, it’s no wonder she drew enough romantic interest to marry seven different men!

Now, Taylor’s story has been adapted before in multiple TV movies, Liz & Dick and Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story. Lindsay Lohan and Twin Peaks star Sherilyn Fenn portrayed the famous actress in the respective films. However, while Lohan and Fenn are both attractive and talented, neither could quite capture Taylor’s full, femme fatale-ish essence.

While she hasn’t exactly been in the spotlight for quite some time, Megan Fox comes to mind as a sort of dark horse for a role like this. With her raven hair, shock-bright eyes, and fabulous figure, Fox has the looks to portray Taylor – and was always a better actress than she got credit for (which is not to say we’re awaiting her Oscar, but still….).

2. Jessica Rabbit

We’re stepping decidedly out of the realm of the real on this one, but it’s fair to say that Jessica Rabbit is by far the sexiest cartoon character. Don’t blame her though – she was just drawn that way! In all seriousness though, if a completely live version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit were ever to be made, this would become a major role and a serous challeing.

As far as we’re concerned, there’s only one woman for the role: Christina Hendricks was simply made to play the curvy redhead. As with Jessica, no one can resist the charms of the Mad Men star – and that would likely only be truer if she took on the persona of this infamous cartoon character!

3. Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly was simply and undeniably one of the classiest women in Hollywood. She was one of those rare celebrity figures – the sort we’ve only seen perhaps a dozen of through cinematic history – who was utterly and effortlessly captivating whenever she appeared on screen. She made an impact with her acting as well, primarily in films like Dial M For Murder, High Noon, and Mogambo, for which she won numerous prestigious awards. But it was her general presence that made her an icon.

To depict someone as regal as the literal Princess of Monaco, the casting directors may want to see if Natalie Portman is up to the challenge. After all, Portman has convincingly played another elegant woman of Kelly’s era already. In the movie Jackie, the actress stunned as the widowed first lady of JFK.

4. Athena

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Athena is not a real character along the lines of Taylor or Kelly, but in a way she’s one of history’s biggest figures not to have been the central figure in a major motion picture. Instead, the ancient Greek Goddess of Wisdom appears only here and there in pop culture. She appears in 2011’s Immortals, for instance, played by the beautiful Isabel Lucas. And she’s featured a few times on free-spin slot sites, both in a “Goddess of Wisdom” slot arcade and in some broader titles roping in various Greek gods. But really, that’s about it for modern depictions!

She may not be Aphrodite (who’s better known for sheer beauty), but Athena is still supposed to be a striking figure. She’s a goddess, after all, and ought to be as gorgeous as she is wise. A few actresses come to mind for this sort of role. Gal Gadot is always stunning and empowering, though Wonder Woman may be too goddess-like already; Emma Watson is associated with beauty and wisdom already through her depiction of Hermione Granger, but we wouldn’t want it to feel repetitive. Ultimately, Jennifer Lawrence might be the woman for the job.

5. Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva is one of those figures who straddles the line between myth and reality. For the most part, she’s a legendary figure – though there are some who believe said figure is at least loosely based on an 11th-century noblewoman.

Regardless, whoever played Lady Godiva in a film would need to be just as beautiful as she was described in the legend – and would need to look pretty good while riding a horse naked (as Lady Godiva was said to do). Zoe Kravitz may be the perfect person to fill the role. Kravitz certainly is genetically blessed, thanks to her equally attractive parents Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. Her beautiful and flawless figure makes her an ideal candidate.

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