5 Secret Ways To Detect Hidden Camera In The Changing Room

detect hidden cameras

When people often go to the mall to buy clothes, they definitely measure them to check the correct fitting. For this reason, changing rooms are made in shops. But many times such cases have come to the fore when hidden cameras in changing rooms have been detected. Often people of poor mentality record videos of women changing their clothes to defame them and either make it viral or blackmail women through the same but now it will not happen. Because today we are going to tell you about 5 such methods by using which you can easily access the hidden camera in Ladies Room in any room or changing room. can find out. All these methods are for both men and women, and it is important for everyone to know.

 First, the easiest way! When you go to an unknown room or changing room, then check each and every corner of it thoroughly. These cameras are often fitted in the corners of the room or the dressing room or in such places where people are usually visible. If any such wire is seen that does not seem to be of any instrument, then you need to take it seriously.

Many times people connect intelligence cameras with the help of WiFi (Hidden Camera Connected with WiFi) and not with the help of a wire. Therefore, before going to such rooms, there should be apps on your phone that tell you how many devices are connected to a network. With its help, you can find out whether any camera is also connected to it or not. If you search on Google Play Store or App Store, you will find many apps to find the hidden cameras.

Usually, people hide the hidden camera behind the mirror (Hidden Camera Behind Mirrors). Therefore, if possible, turn off the light of the changing room and light a flashlight on the mirror. If it is a normal mirror, then the light will shine, but if something is present on the other side of the mirror, it will be easily visible with the help of a flash in the dark.

If you have traveled in the AC coach of the train, then you must have known that at night when the light in the coach of the train is lit and it is dark outside, then people try to look outside by hiding the light with their hands by going very close to the glass. This is done when 2-way mirrors are attached i.e. 2 mirrors together. Therefore, by doing this in the changing room also, if something happens behind the mirror, it will be visible. 

This is the most common but most effective method. On touching the mirror with your finger, if you see a gap or empty space between the shadow of your finger and your finger, then understand that the mirror is normal, there is no problem in it, but if there is no space in between. Then there is definitely something on the other side of that mirror.

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