5 Secrets How Japanese Women Manage To Do Without Deodorants And Perfumes

Each country in the world is associated with a certain smell. India is known for the aroma of spices, France – by the smell of croissants, and Turkey – by coffee and hookah smoke. But Japan has a very specific smell, we can say that it is absent. In this country, they do not like strong aromas and therefore they hardly even use perfumes. Japanese traditions are such that any strong smell emanating from a person is considered indecent, and defiant. The country even sells electronic devices that measure the intensity of aromas to make it easier for the Japanese to determine how seriously their sense of smell has encroached. Actually, Japan is strongly associated only with the smell of freshly washed things and freshness. But how do Japanese women manage to do without deodorants and perfumes? Here is your answer.

Japanese women

Teeth cleaning and mouth Rinse

In Japan, oral hygiene is taken as seriously. the Japanese wash their hands and always rinse their mouths with a special refreshing compound called “ugai-do”. In Japan brushing after every meal is important. It may seem strange, but a Japanese always keeps a toothbrush with him, even if he just goes to a cafe, restaurant, or party. Japanese even have a special art of brushing their teeth – hamigaki.

Japanese women

Shower and bath

Japanese women have their own bathing ritual, which seems unnecessarily complicated to Europeans. First, a woman washes in the shower, using gels, soaps, shampoos, and other products. Then she plunges into the bath, in which salts and aromatic oils are dissolved in the water, after which she again takes a shower. Yes, once a week it is customary to visit the traditional Japanese bath “sento”.

Japanese women bathing

Special clothing

It is easy to see that the everyday clothes of Japanese women are as closed as possible. Long dresses with sleeves, trouser suits, and closed shirts are popular in the country. In such attire, the pores of the skin are not clogged with dust, which means they work effectively. Also, closed clothing maintains optimal humidity, which is very important for hygiene and health.

Japanese women cloths

Carefully selected food

What a person eats depends on his smell. In Japan, they know that meat contributes to the release of odors from sweat and from the mouth, so women try not to eat it or eat it in minimal quantities. Meat products can be served as an additive, designed to set off the taste of the main component of the dish, but not as a separate menu item. Fruits and vegetables, fish, shellfish, sea plants, and tea are the basis of nutrition. Dairy products are not in great demand, and gluten and refined fats are completely absent in the diet of Japanese women.

Japanese food

Special cosmetics

There are many beauty and hygiene products produced in Japan that we don’t know anything about. All those foot deodorants applied through pantyhose, drying sprays with tannins and creams evaporating moisture from the skin work perfectly, but they almost never smell. In Japan, perfumes are released with very subtle, barely perceptible fresh aromas that do not leave behind a trail. There are also completely unique perfumes available in tablets. After taking such a remedy, the aroma is released through the pores of the skin.

Japanese cosmetics

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